Terms and Conditions of Membership

1) Fees:

These must be paid prior to or on the first day of each term for membership status to be maintained.

2) Conditions of Payment:

All Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. With the Exception of BAGA membership fees which maybe transferred from Club to Club upon the completion of a transfer form.

3) Discipline:

This is essential in any sport, it is especially so in gymnastics. Gymnasts MUST at all times respond correctly to the instructions of the Coach or Coaches in charge.

3a) Collection of Participants

Members must wait inside the gym after their class if their parents are late in collecting them. Under no circumstances must members wander outside the Class Hall without their parent or a coach. PARENTS- Please come inside the gym to collect your children.

4) Clothing:

In our opinion the minimum safe standard of dress for participation in gymnastics is either Leotards (for girls) or a tee shirt and shorts. During training the clothing should not be too loose nor too tight and should be appropriate to the activity. The wearing of clothing with buckles or clasps is prohibited. The participants may work in bare feet or socks. ALL OUTER CLOTHING SHOULD BE MARKED WITH GYMNAST’S NAME.

4a) Jewellery:

British Gymnastics believes that jewellery and adornments worn in body piercing are inappropriate for safe practice in gymnastics and trampolining. A person with body adornments or jewellery must inform the coach and also remove the relevant items to reduce the risk of injury to the participant, the coach and others. Failure to conform with this policy, will prohibit the individual’s participation on the grounds of reasonable safety and may render the individual’s insurance invalid should an accident result directly from non-compliance with this policy.

4b) Long Hair

Long hair must be tied back and kept neatly, this if for the safety of both the Coach and the Gymnasts.

5) Affiliation and Insurance:

All our members (and Coaches) must belong to the Club, British Amateur Gymnastics Association, the South East Gymnastics Association and Surrey Gymnastics Association. In each case the fees for theses associations become due on joining WGC and they are then renewed annually each September.

5b) Affiliation and Insurance Fees for 2015/2016: £30.00

These are collected by the club and are then paid to British Gymnastics (£17.00), SEGA and SGA. They become due when joining the club and they renew every September. Insurance runs 1st October to 30th September.

6) Medical Fitness:

We must be advised of any medical condition and/or Injuries that may have an impact on a gymnast's fitness to participate.

6a) Medication:

Members must bring to every class and be able to take themselves, any medication that they may require, such as an inhaler for asthma, labelled clearly with their name and left on the table in the main gym.

7) Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act exists to place safeguards on personal information held about you by organisations such as WGC. The Act applies to computers and certain types of paper filing systems and gives rules for the way organisations treat personal information about you. Any Data Collected by the Club will only be used by the Club and disclosed to third parties for Registration, Legal, Gymnast/coach Welfare and Insurance purposes.

8) Child Protection

In line with British Gymnastics Health, Safety and Welfare policy we must ask that anyone wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography of any gymnastics sessions organised by the Club apply in writing beforehand. The club reserves the right to decline the request. WGC conforms to the British Gymnastics Child Protection Policy: For any queries our Welfare Officer is Michael Phillips (contact: welfare@waltongymclub.co.uk)

9) Termination

Membership may be terminated by the member by giving a minimum half terms notice in writing to Walton Gymnastics Club, at the Address (or Email address) on the top of the Invoice , fees for the half terms notice are payable in full at the time of notice being given, to cover administration, unbalanced groups and empty spaces, We are unable to fill spaces midterm (or immediately prior to the start of term) due to ensuring the children are within the right ability groups. Once notice of Termination has been given the following table confirms the Termination Notice Date, Effective Date and Fees.

Timeline Notice Date

Termination Effective Date

Terminations Fees

1st Week of Term or 1st Week after Half Term

Half Term

Half a Term Fees

After 1st Week of Term or 1st Week after Half Term

End of Current Term

Full Term Fees

End of Term

Half Term of the Next Term

Half a Term Fees

Other Times

Remaining of Current Half Term+ Half a Term

Current Term+ Half Term Fees

10) Changes and Amendments

WGC reserves the right to amend the rules at anytime and without notice to individual members. Notification of any such change will be advised in the next invoice, on the website (www.waltongymclub.co.uk) or by eMail.