Key Dates

Term Dates for 2024

  • Dates for Spring Term
    • Start Back - 6th January 2024
    • Half Term - 10th/17th February  (inclusive) No Classes
    • Last Class - 23rd March 2024
    • British Gymnastics RISE Progression will be evaluated the 16th March 2024
  • Dates for Summer Term
    • Start Back - 20th April 2024
    • Half Term - 25th May/1st June 2024 (inclusive) No Classes
    • Last Class - 13th July 2024
    • British Gymnastics RISE Progression will be evaluated the 6th July 2024
  • Dates for Winter Term
    • Start Back - 8th September 2024
    • Half Term - Oct 27th/Nov 2nd/Nov 9th (inclusive) No Classes
    • Last Class - 14th December 2024
    • British Gymnastics RISE Progression will be evaluated the 14th December 2024
    • Christmas Fun Week - 14th December 2024
Potential Competition Dates 2024 (Organiser)

  • Sun 13th February - Tumbling Competition (Aerial Tumbling Club)
  • Sun 19 May 2024- Bronze , Silver & Gold levels (South East Gymnastics)
  • Sun 23 June 2024- Intermediate (South East Gymnastics)
  • Sun 6 October 2024- Advanced (South East Gymnastics)
  • Sun 1 December 2024- Novice (South East Gymnastics)

Eligablity for entry in to any competitions will be assessed by the coaches against the competition criteria ahead of the entry dates, these are typically 4-8 weeks before the competition.

Annual Membership and Insurance

British Gymnastics Insurance (£22) and Yearly Membership to Walton Gymnastics (£8) is Payable for New Members (Total £30/member) in the winter Term (September of each year) and £15/Member for the Term in the Summer Term (July-September) - all Subject to British Gymnastics Insurance Fees Changes (Any Changes for 2024/2025 to be Confirmed August 2024)

In 2023 we celebrate our 50th Anniversary!!

The end of 2022 marked the 50th Year of continuous operation of Walton Gymnastics Club, having originally started as Elmbridge Gymnastics Club, and then being run as Walton and District Gymnastics Club, finally settling on Walton Gymnastics Club over 25 years ago. We've seen two Leisure Centres both the original Elmbridge Leisure Centre and the New Xcel Facility, even spent the rebuild years at Bell Farm School.

We are proud of our heritage as a Community Based Sports club, investing in our community and working hard to provide amazing gymnastics experiences. Both Maureen (my mum - who runs the desk) and I, have spend over 45years with the club (yes we know we can't be that old :) ), and continue to enjoy every week seeing the gymnasts progress, and enjoy the sport that has been part of our life for so long.

Here's to the next 50 - though I might not be coaching then ;)